“I picked my outfit today to match my hair,” I overhear someone say amidst the crowd at Vancouver Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2017 season (VFW). Last week, I had the pleasure of attending VFW. Made up of fashion enthusiasts and aspiring designers, the well-dressed crowd mingled as they took their seats on either side of the brightly lit runway. With a mix of local and international talent, show was a spectacular sight to see.

While the clothes are the star of the show, the hair and makeup are key in accenting each designer’s line. Hair and makeup has always been a part of fashion. A model for Alicia Perrillo‘s collection, Ariel, tells us us about her experience getting ready backstage:

The hair and makeup team was just amazing. Each model had a nice messy braid and I got shimmers on my cheekbones. I think it really matched the style. A messy braid which looks good with everything. I think the designer really knows how to bring it together. She used a variety of textures which eventually lead to the mish-mashed look that really came together as one collection.

With sponsors Moroccan Oil and Keune, VFW understands how hair and fashion go hand in hand. One guest tells us, “I think that the fashion, the hair, and the makeup all intertwines. They’re all part of the same thing—an expression of self.”

Here are some of the hair looks we loved:


Still going strong, this versatile trend is carrying on right into 2017

Getty Images, Photo by Arun Nevader/WireImage, Vancouver Fashion Week
Alicia Perrillo, Azulant Akora, Illusions Lab x Jennifer Reeves


Wrapped pony tails

A style that is sleek yet simple and effortless

Getty Images, Photo by Arun Nevader/WireImage, Vancouver Fashion Week
Elsa Lula, Cooper Hotcooture, Armine Ohanyan


Middle parts

Move over side parts! Sleek and face-framing, middle parts were popular this season at VFW!

Vancouver Fashion Week
Gabbie Sarenas, Elennon Designs, Joseph Ribkoff


Natural hair

Healthy, beautiful natural curls are showing up more on runways, representing more diverse definitions of beauty in the industry

Getty Images, Photo by Arun Nevader/WireImage, Vancouver Fashion Week
Azulant Akora, Toni Marlow Clothing, IVIDO Brand Jeans


Buns and knots

Pulling hair up and out of models faces, bringing attention to stellar makeup, necklines, and back details

Vancouver Fashion Week
Katherine Tessier, EsSVI, Misi Afrique


What was your favourite style from Vancouver Fashion Week? Let us know in the comments!

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Images sourced from Getty Images. Photos by Arun Nevader/WireImage.

Photo in title image by Priim Team.

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