How You Can Start Pre-Booking Clients

Pre-booking can be difficult for many hairstylists. It’s can be a little daunting to ask clients to make a commitment beforehand. However, pre-booking can add so much value to your business. It increases repeat customers, the frequency of their visits, and ultimately helps your bottom line. Once you and your clients get into the habit of pre-booking, you’ll be able to have more long-term client relationships and more frequent appointments.


All About Taking Client Notes

Being a hairstylist is all about building relationships. However, remembering everything about each client can be challenging. This is where taking notes come in. Keep client cards or use software to keep all your client information in order (we recommend going digital as paper is harder to organize and search through). Read on for some advice on how you can improve your service with client notes.


The Benefits of Going Independent

Becoming an independent hairstylist isn’t for everyone. It is hard work and it can be risky. Without a front-desk, salon manager, or team of fellow stylists, some stylists might find it overwhelming and difficult (we now have an app to help with that!). However, being an independent hairstylist has some amazing advantages and benefits. Read on to see why going solo might be the right thing for you:


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