More features

  • Reduce lost time

    Stop working unpaid time chasing clients & managing your business. Focus on what you do best.

  • No middlemen

    We connect you directly to your clients. Priim is not a directory where you compete with other stylists.

  • No hidden costs

    We charge no setup fees or commission on bookings and sales. Add as many clients as you like at no additional cost.

  • Work showcase

    Upload and organize a portfolio of your best work. Impress your clients with your latest and greatest.


  • Justin B.

    As a stylist, we understand that a good part of your day gets surrendered to monotonous, time-consuming tasks that you don’t even get paid for! We built Priim with the express purpose of helping you reclaim this “lost time,” so you can get back to focusing on what’s important to you.
  • Matt T.

    General Manager
    Because hair stylists have to juggle between business and hairstyling, we made Priim powerful yet easy-to-use. Our goal is to streamline and minimize the time that a stylist spends on scheduling, reminders, and payment processing. That way a stylist can focus on styling hair.